Are you a supermarket owner? Then you know that labeling/stickering your products is important.
It can be important because food-products need to be sold before the expiration-date. So you can place reduction-stickers with barcode on it.
It can also be important to let your customers know that a product is gluten-free or vegan. That can also be done using stickers.


A a division of Graphical Solutions, delivers stickers that can be widely used in retail / supermarkets.

– Stickers for food products reduction (with or without barcodes)
– Stickers for non-food products with reduction in percentage or numbers
– Stickers that provide global information, such as vegan, gluten-free, organic etc.

We offer a range of different stickers. If there isn’t a sticker that suits your business, contact us and we will design one for you.

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